//Leather travel bags – here’s why you need one

Leather travel bags – here’s why you need one

You’re planning a weekend away – it makes sense that you’ll need a travel bag. But why not up your style and opt for a leather one? Here’s why.

Holidays are a must – it’s a time to unwind and destress. A lot of planning goes into a trip away – you’re thinking about where to go, what you’d like to do, possibly even which books you’re planning to finish while lying poolside. But have you given a travel bag any thought?

Buying a travel bag should be an investment as it’s a necessary accessory that you’ll use for many years and on many trips. And that’s why you should be thinking about buying a leather travel bag. Here are five good reasons to invest in a leather travel bag.

1. Leather is durable
Leather is expensive but there’s a good reason for that – a leather product will last you pretty much a lifetime. High quality leather is exceptionally durable when cared for correctly, plus given that it’s not woven like a canvas or cotton material you won’t need to worry about it unravelling or stretching over time.

2. Leather is stylish
Trends pretty much change with the seasons, which gets costly when you’re trying to keep up them. Fortunately, a leather travel bag is one that won’t go out of style. Leather also pretty much goes with everything, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find the perfect travel bag to match the rest of your accessories.

3. Leather is versatile
So you’ve invested in a leather travel bag, you’ve found the style you like, it’s big enough for your needs… But it’s also incredibly versatile. Although a leather travel bag is perfect for a night or weekend away, that doesn’t mean you have to stash it in the back of your cupboard until your next trip. You can get more use from it by making it double up as a gym bag. Or , if it’s small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane, use it as hand luggage on your next business trip.

4. Leather is low maintenance
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to investing in a leather travel bag is that you can store it easily between trips. You don’t need to worry about fungi damaging the leather – that means you don’t have to worry about whether your cupboard is too dry or humid. Plus, anything you store inside your bag will be kept perfectly safe. When it comes to cleaning your bag, all you need is a clean damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that has built up. Avoid using wet wipes or homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar, though, as this can damage the leather.

5. Leather is water resistant
A leather travel bag won’t be 100% waterproof (unless it has been treated and is sold as such) but it will be water resistant. This will give you peace of mind if you get caught in a rainstorm during a business trip or holiday. It also means that anything you’ve packed will stay dry.

What to look for in a leather travel bag

According to Oliver Cheshire, a fashion model and contributor to The Telegraph’s fashion section, there are two things you must consider when choosing a travel bag – function and fashion, and always in that order! He says, “Function must be by far your primary concern, as without it there would be no point in a man having a bag at all. But it must also look the part and work for almost every occasion.”

Size is also important. “It needs to be a happy medium. Not too big, not too small. For me, that means at least the size of a Macbook Pro, and a little deeper than a shoe box, to ensure I can get all my everyday things in.”

When it comes to the look, Oliver advises on smart with sleek pockets. “Don’t go for the traveller look with zips all over the place – unless you want to look like a tourist. It’s really worth spend a little more if you can, as you can spot a cheap one a mile off – just like a cheap, leather biker jacket.”

Kabelo – Leather overnight bag

Our favourite leather travel bag is Kabelo – you can even customise the design by choosing the colour or leather type. Make a bold statement and go for springbok or zebra.

kabelo-springbok-leather-overnight-bag kabelo-zebra-hide-leather-overnight-bag kabelo-leather-overnight-bag

Balule – Leather duffel travel bag

If you’re looking for more space, try Balule – our duffel style bag option. Balule is also available in beautiful nguni.

balule-genuine-leather-travel-bag balule-african-leather-travel-bag balule-african-leather-travel-bag

Pack your bags!

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Image credits: Mandy Freeman, www.pexels.com
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