We’re excited to share something with you. Thanks to a handy piece of technology, you can now browse h our shop no matter where in the world you are.

Aren’t the advances in technology great? Every day it seems as though there is something new. Well, lucky for us, a cool piece of technology means you can browse our physical store even if you’re not in Cape Town.

Erika Bornman from Depth Digital recently spent some time in our shop. Using a Matterport Pro2 camera, she was able to capture every single detail – our wall art, our extensive range of one-of-a-kind bags, a sneak peek inside our dressing rooms, our beautiful window display, and so much more.

The scans were stitched together and now offer a fully immersive walk-through experience that is quite similar to Google maps street view. So go on, take a walk around our virtual store.


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