Are you a boutique store or larger brand looking for a wholesale supplier of stylish leather handbags? We would be happy to assist you.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Modern & Tribal offers a range of styles where you can select the type of leather and colours to best suit your product range. We supply handbags in full genuine leather, ostrich, zebra, springbok and nguni. Only the finest, locally sourced A-grade leather and hides are used in our products.

All manufacturing and tanning happens locally and quality is always front of mind. For a stylish African look, try our zebra, nguni and springbok options – they offer something unique and eye catching. In addition to our existing product range, we also welcome bespoke design requests.

Our wholesale leather handbag range includes:

Beautiful large leather handbag that you can carry by hand or over your shoulder. Available in full leather, ostrich, nguni, springbok or zebra.

amanda-genuine-leather-handbag amanda-genuine-leather-handbag amanda-genuine-leather-handbag

Medium-sized leather handbag perfect for any occasion. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

anele-genuine-ostrich-leather-handbag anele-springbok-leather-handbag anele-genuine-zebra-hide-leather-handbag

Elegant ostrich leather handbag with two beautiful buckle handles. Available in full ostrich or leather.

basetsana-genuine-ostrich-leather-handbag-blue basetsana-genuine-ostrich-skin-leather-handbag-brown basetsana-genuine-ostrich-leather-handbag-purple

Stylish sling bag with leather skin on both sides, leather straps and tassels. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

carin-springbok-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels-blue carin-springbok-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels-orange carin-genuine-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels-brown

Simple yet elegant leather sling bag with tassels. Available in full genuine leather, ostrich, nguni, springbok or zebra.

ellen-ostrich-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels ellen-ostrich-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels ellen-ostrich-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels

Elegant small leather handbag with chain shoulder strap. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

kate-small-ostrich-leather-handbag-orange kate-small-ostrich-leather-handbag-yellow kate-small-zebra-leather-handbag

Full leather tote bag with a choice of a leather, nguni, springbok or zebra front side pocket.

katie-leather-tote-bagkatie-leather-tote-bag katie-brown-leather-tote-bag

Dainty lined bag with with a chain and leather strap. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

khaya-ostrich-leather-handbag-small-pink khaya-zebra-hide-leather-handbag-small khaya-small-leather-handbag-yellow

Versatile compact sling bag with adjustable leather straps. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

kim-leather-handbag-yellow-black-two-tone kim-small-springbok-leather-handbag kim-small-ostrich-leather-handbag-red

Dual-purpose bag that can either be used as a handbag or backpack. Available in springbok, nguni or zebra.

liezl-springbok-leather-handbag-backpack liezl-zebra-leather-handbag-backpack liezl-zebra-hide-handbag-backpack

Beautiful tote-style leather handbag with leather straps, back and slip pocket. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok or zebra.

linda-ostrich-leather-tote-bag-brown linda-springbok-leather-tote-bag linda-zebra-hide-leather-tote-bag

Compact sling bag that can also be used as a clutch. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

mandy-small-leather-handbag-clutch-ostrich mandy-small-leather-handbag-clutch-ostrich mandy-small-leather-handbag-clutch-ostrich

Stunning ostrich leather handbag with a round leather strap and front clasp. Available in full ostrich leather or leather.

mida-ostrich-leather-handbag-green  mida-ostrich-leather-handbag-green mida-ostrich-leather-handbag-green

Medium-sized leather handbag with an elegant rounded top. Available in full leather, ostrich, nguni, springbok or zebra.

nadine-pink-ostrich-leather-handbag nadine-black-leather-handbag-elegant nadine-pink-ostrich-leather-handbag

Gorgeous medium-sized handbag lined with silk. Available in full leather, nguni, springbok or zebra.

naledi-zebra-hide-leather-handbag naledi-zebra-hide-leather-handbag naledi-zebra-hide-leather-handbag

Beautiful leather sling bag with high-quality adjustable leather strap and tassels option. Available in full leather, ostrich, springbok, nguni or zebra.

nicole-springbok-hide-leather-sling-bag-blue nicole-leather-sling-bag-with-tassels-brown nicole-springbok-hide-leather-sling-bag-blue

Stunning handbag with durable leather handles and a strong leather base. Available in in full genuine leather, springbok or zebra.

thandi-springbok-leather-handbag-green thandi-zebra-leather-handbag thandi-springbok-leather-handbag-brown

A sturdy yet stylish leather clutch bag that has a removeable sling chain. Available in full ostrich or leather.

zeta-ostrich-leather-clutch-bag-yellow zeta-ostrich-leather-clutch-bag-yellow zeta-leather-clutch-bag-yellow-ostrich

Our range of leather and colour options include:

Full leather:
Timberland rust | Timberland black | Rustica sand | Rustica spice | Full grain ruby | Full grain oxblood

Black | Brown | Buttercup | Tangerine | Pink | Red | Purple | Navy | Sky blue | Forest green | Lime green

Natural | Yellow | Red | Orange | Blue | Lime green

Mostly brown with white | Mostly black with white | Brindle


Interested? Get in touch with us for a quote:

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or would like a quote. The minimum wholesale order quantity is 20 but this can be a mixed selection of items. Modern & Tribal can ship your order worldwide. We look forward to working with you.

Image credits: Mandy Freeman – product photography in Cape Town, South Africa